Patrick McCarthyPatrick Mc Carthy

“Sensei John Hanratty At 8th Dan, John Hanratty is one the highest ranked non-Japanese traditional Shotokan Karate instructors anywhere in the world today. Having studied Karate for nearly fifty years, he’s come up through the ranks with the Who’s Who of British Karate and learned under the Japanese elite. Originally with the KUGB, and from the famed Red Triangle dojo in Liverpool, he’s a contemporary of other brilliant Karate-ka such as Terry O’Neil, Bob Poynton and Frank Brennan, etc. John is well remembered as having coached Karate Alberta for 15 years, giving them their only team gold, with all the champion fighters coming exclusively from his club alone. Along with having coached several national champions and world medalists, he was National coach of the year 1989 and the Canadian Masters Champion three consecutive years in a row ~ 1989, 1990 & 1991. Although he’s done it all, Hanratty specializes in teaching traditional Shotokan Karate with an emphasis on Kata application and its use in reality-based situations. Additionally, he also focuses on body mechanics fundamental to power generation for the effectiveness in delivery of technique. Most importantly, his open-minded and contemporary approach makes his instruction highly informative and most enjoyable. Beyond being a highly knowledgeable and competent karate-ka, the man is an inspirational leader and a very friendly person, making him, in my opinion, a great seminar instructor. I highly recommend John Hanratty”

Patrick McCarthy マカシー パトリックHanshi 9th Dan 範士九段 Australian Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee 2000 Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee 2012 International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society



“I first enjoyed the benefits of karate in my teens, and I’m so glad I decided to return to it in my 40s. Karate gives me more energy for my office job and helps me get rid of physical and mental tension. Karate has so many benefits for people of all ages. This club in particular provides excellent instruction and a great sense of camaraderie. Here, you have the opportunity to develop your full potential. You’ll get fit while building your confidence, increasing your peace of mind, and learning valuable self-defence skills.”


Chris Ripco_testimonialsChris Ripco

“With the idea of staying in shape and not a real fan of the gym atmosphere, and wanting more for the
entire body, including the mind, I started to look at the martial arts. I went to a number of schools and
although they were good in their own right, I felt that I was missing something. Then I found a CSKA
Shotokan karate school and after a couple of months of training, I was sold. The training sessions are
intense and productive to which I finally felt that I was getting something in return from the training

The instructors have a highly in depth knowledge of the Shotokan system and also know how to get the
most out of each and every student regardless of their abilities. I also found it interesting, that the
instructors continually study the Shotokan system and will go out of their way to learn new things. And
it doesn’t matter if it’s in the Shotokan system or completely outside of it and then adapting that
knowledge to what they teach, which keeps the classes interesting and refreshing.

What I gain from training at the CSKA, is that I am physical fit, focused and have a calm mind which
allows me to live my life to the fullest.”


Natalie_testimonialsNatalie and Semione Curdov

“Our whole family trains at Canadian Shotokan Honbu Dojo and we strongly believe that participating
in karate has provided benefits beyond fitness and self-defence. With both our sons, we have seen
growth in confidence which has extended beyond the dojo into other aspects of their lives. They
have benefitted from the discipline of martial arts training and have learnt to deal with the challenges
of life…”


Edwin Dolby_testimonialsEdwin and Evan Dolby

“I started Karate at this club in my late teens early 20’s, and then left to start a family. When my son
wanted to train I remembered the discipline and physical aspect of the training. We both joined when
he reached the required age, and now I can’t imagine it not being part of our lives. I have lost an
amazing 50lb since coming back and feel the difference every day, this club is fantastic.”


Dennis Raymundo_testimonialsDennis Raymundo

“I have always been fascinated with martial arts in general since I was a kid, and as I grew up I became more passionate about it. With obstacles and trials in life happening everyday I started to wonder if there is a way to better myself. And that is when I saw myself stepping in a Dojo 4 years ago. There I was able to challenge myself, but I always felt like it still wasn’t enough and that there is still something better out there. So, in 2014 I have decided to join Canadian Shotokan Karate Association and by far the best decision I have made to progress in being a Karateka. Sensei John Hanratty and the whole CSKA Family has been the many factors of why I have become better in all I do inside and outside the Dojo. I now approach everything in life with a purpose. Discipline, Respect, and Determination are some of the many keys to my progress and Sensei Hanratty had always pushed and motivated me to become better than my best. This is why I say to myself and many fellow Karatekas. Perfection is merely just an illusion that reality gives us to find progress in all that we can achieve.”